When traveling to a destination as beautiful as Hawaii, you will need a rental car to get to and from the places you want to go. Sure there are other means of transportation, but a rental car provides more conveniences. However, if you’ve done any research online, you’ve probably saw all the different websites and Economy car rental Hawaii companies that offer great rates for travelers. In order to get the best rates and service you’re going to have to shop around, but there are some things that you can do to bring the price down even lower. Consider these tips below when booking your next island getaway.

Use Smaller Companies

You don’t always have to go with the obvious companies to find a decent rate on a car rental. While the larger companies are still dominating, there are more independent companies that can offer consumers a much better rate for their travels. If you can’t find any independent car rental companies in the area you’re looking to travel to, you can also check sites that offer multiple packages for different companies including Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and more. The site will first look at what your needs are and then match you up with the company that best suits those needs. However, the bonus to using a site such as this is that you will also receive better discounts than going to the larger company’s site itself.

Choose the Vehicle You Need

The larger the vehicle is and the more luxury features it has, the more you’re going to have to pay for your economy car rental Hawaii. The best way to get a decent rate is to only reserve the sized car that you absolutely need. For instance, if it will only be you and your spouse traveling, chances are you’re not going to need a minivan. Getting the right sized car will mean considering things such as:

  • Amount of people traveling
  • Amount of luggage space you need
  • Car that you’re comfortable driving

Designate a Driver

You’re going to need to designate a renting driver  for your economy car rental Hawaii. The reason for this is because many car rental companies will charge an extra fee for additional drivers. To be more cost effective it is best that you already know who you want to drive. If you feel you need more than one driver, inquire about the fees so that you don’t end up paying too much.

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