Dollar Car Rental Hawaii

Wednesday, June 4, 2014@ 9:05 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

Dollaris always reviewing their policies so you can be assured of having an enjoyable car rental experience.Thelatest policy to get an upgrade, is the Gasoline policy. A few amendments to make the policy customer friendly have been made.


As per our agreement, as a renter, you are supposed to refill the car within a 10 mile radius of the rental return facility and make sure to keep and show the refueling receipt to avoid any charges. You need to understand that there will be no refund for the remaining fuel in the tank when you return the car.


Dollar Rental Company estimates your fuel charge based on a number of factors which include;

  • By reading your rental car fuel gauge and doing some calculations and estimating the number of gallons that it can take for it to be full tank again.
  • Another way is checking to see if the renter has not fueled during the rental period, we use the miles that you covered plus the car efficiency based on the car manufacturer.



Reasons Prepaid Options Might Still Be Ideal


While there are some people that would like the ability to save on gas and therefore save on the overall costs of a rental car there are times in which the prepaid option could be beneficial. Some of the benefits of prepaying for fuel from Dollar Car Rental Hawaii Companies include:


  • Saves you from having to refuel when returning the car.
  • No having to compare prices for gas stations nearby.
  • Knowing what you’re going to pay for the rental car upfront because all charges are on one receipt.
  • Won’t risk being late for your flight or returning the rental car when trying to refuel.


Many customers have been pleased with the new policies that Dollar Car Rental Hawaii Companies have set into place. Just a bit of advice, once you receive your contract, be sure to review the terms for gas policies as this can change without much notice. Also, once returning the vehicle make sure that you have refueled the tank to avoid paying seriously high fueling costs near the airport. Also check your final receipt to make sure that you have been charged appropriately.


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