Do Hawaii Car Rentals have Roof Racks for Surfboards?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009@ 8:13 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

Hello Hawaii Travelers,

Everything you need to know about roof racks on car rentals in Hawaii is located on my “Do Hawaii Car Rentals have Roof Racks for Surfboards?” web page.

I often get asked whether there are roof racks on any of the Hawaii rental cars. Well, the answer is yes and no. If you want to strap surfboards to the top of your rental vehicle, I would strongly suggest you purchase padded portable surfboard racks and bring them with you to Hawaii.

Only some of the Hawaii car rental companies have vehicles with integral “roof racks” that are attached to the vehicle – some SUV’s, and fewer minivans. However, these integral roof racks only have the linear side bars, but not the crossbars that go between the side bars. Some of the Hawaii rental car companies have add-on racks that you can rent or purchase. But sometimes they are sold out.

You can request a car with a roof rack or request to rent or purchase the add on kind if the company you’re renting from even offers them. Juts like vehicle types, child safety seats, the same goes for roof racks – they say they will do their best to accommodate, but they will not guarantee it.

The car rental companies I spoke to said it was okay to strap a roof rack to their cars, but if you scratch the roof or damage the vehicle, you will be charged for the damage. They suggest you purchase LDL Insurance.

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