Discover Hawaiian Adventure on the Big Island!

Thursday, March 7, 2013@ 2:44 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

Car Rentals While some folks view a Hawaiian vacation as a chance to relax and unwind, others are ready to jump into their trip head first. It’s no secret that Hawaii has a lot to offer to visitors, and you may not know HALF of the amazing activities you can partake in while there. The “Big Island” is a popular tourist location due to its beautiful flora and fauna and its variety of outdoor activities. If you and your family are visiting the Big Island soon – consider a few of these popular suggestions to add to your itinerary:

  • Helicopter tours are absolutely AMAZING ways to view the island from a whole new level – literally! You’ll see the breathtaking Pacific Ocean and all of the beautiful greenery flowing atop this majestic tropical island. There are so many things to see on the Big Island, so why not check them out from a bird’s eye view? It’s an experience that you and your family won’t forget anytime soon!

  • Another popular choice when it comes to Big Island activities is whale watching. These unique boat tours are guided into waters where whales are prevalent around the island. Whether you’re a lover of sea creatures or you just want to experience something new and different while visiting Hawaii, these amazing tours can open your eyes to some truly amazing sights.

  • If you’d prefer to view the island on foot, there are plenty of nature-themed tours that will allow you to explore up close and personal. Learn about the Big Island’s two active volcanoes and take in the beauty of the black sand beaches that sweep along the shore. It’s a sensory experience that’s only available on the Hawaiian Islands, and it’s the perfect way to really get to know the Island.

  • Finally, golfers will love the selection of golf courses on the Big Island, including popular venues like the Alii Mountain Course and the Hulailai Course. Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro – you’ll love swinging your club while taking in the beautiful sights and tropical venues.

To ensure that you get the absolute most out of your trip, be sure to consider a car rental service like Avis, Dollar, or Enterprise. These trusted companies have been providing Hawaiian tourists with reliable transportation for years, and it’s the perfect way to ensure that you and your group get to partake in everything you had in mind! Hawaii has a LOT to offer – so grab your camera and your sunscreen and get ready for the absolute time of your life.

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