If you’re renting an updated car you might find that there are a lot of features that come standard. Knowing how to use some of these features will can certainly make the drive much more convenient. One very popular feature for those traveling on the highway is cruise control. This feature is found on many of Enterprise Hawaii Car Rentals. If you’ve never used this feature before, giving it a try might be a bit complex. Therefore, below are a few tips on how to use this feature on your drive around the beautiful island.

What is Cruise Control?

Cruise control is a system created to aid in keeping the vehicle’s speed set at a predetermined speed. As stated before this feature is best for highways and open roads the feature is very easy to engage and disengage with a few short steps.

Many drivers find having cruise control on their Enterprise Hawaii car rentals is a great deal because it helps in correcting speed which in turn allows you to be safe while on the road and maintain a comfortable traveling distance. What is also great about this feature is that if used it can significantly help in decreasing the gas mileage saving you extra money.

Read the Driver Manual

It is strongly advised that if you’ve never used cruise control before that you read the driver’s manual so that you can become acquainted with how it works. You should be able to locate a manual in the glove compartment of your rental car. If you cannot find the manual, make sure that you request this from the front desk of the rental company before leaving the rental location. Once you have read the manual be sure to find a location where you can test it out before using it where there is a lot of traffic.

It is really important to keep in mind that speeding zones can change at any given time. With that being said when using cruise control on your Enterprise Hawaii car rentals that you should adjust the speeding limits as required to stay within the limits required by the law. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the cruise control system found in your rental car you will be more inclined to use it. This feature is really great for a long drive and can also save you from filling up at the pump or going over the speeding limit.

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