Some rental agencies in Hawaii charge an inordinate amount of fees for everything possible with a car rental. However, other places factor in other things to help lower the costs of rentals for renters, and underage drivers who are between the ages of 21 and 24 in particular. The surcharge fees that these underage drivers can accumulate can become exorbitant. Fortunately, some rental car agencies waive or reduce these fees for underage drivers, often eating the costs that the state charges for them to operate.

Reducing Fees for Renters

In many vehicle rental cases, the fee really is reduced rather than waived, since these agencies have to stay in business somehow. They have charges from the state and requirements they must meet, so they do their best to accommodate all parties involved. For example, a company that works with some of the big rental car companies in Hawaii would work directly with that rental car company to come up with fees that relate to the state. These costs that they determine are often lower than the underage driver surcharge fees found through the national rental company’s main site. This keeps costs as low as they can be for renters of all kinds, underage or otherwise.

Reading the Fine Print

There are, however, certain age requirements that every underage driver has to meet to qualify for the surcharge fee to be waived. This makes renters have to connect with each agency they are considering to understand just what the charges mean and how, if at all, they can be reduced or waived. Reading the fine print of the rental agreement helps these renters, as does reading up on the rental agencies online to see whether other customers have enjoyed their business and like their policies. When meeting age requirements, renters also have to provide proof of age and perhaps have other documentation, and it also helps to ask about this information through the rental agency.

The Bottom Line

The state’s legal driving age of course is much lower than 24 or even 21 years of age, but having the responsibility to rent  a car and come of age, so to speak, has become a rite of passage for people in their 20s. Through reading up on agencies, reading the fine print and ideally getting fees at least reduced if not waived, renters vacationing in Hawaii can lower their vacationing costs and focus their money on cool finds and day trips.

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