Have you ever tried to book an SUV car rental in Hawaii only to find that the results turn up either limited availability or no vehicles available? Many consumers get frustrated by this and instead of learning why this has happened, they end up going with a different car rental company that charges much higher rates. Sometimes getting the car you want is just a matter of switching up some of the choices you selected during the booking process. Below are a few reasons you might get a “no availability” notice while booking your rental car.



Pick up and Drop Off Times


Since in most cases car rental companies are not open for service 24 hours per day there could be a limited amount of packages available to you. In most cases car rental companies that are located in an airport will run from about 5am to midnight. If you’ve selected a pickup or drop-off time that is before or after these hours then your results will show no availability. This is an easy fix and you should simply try changing the times to match the hours of operation.


The Type of Car You’ve Chosen


Most exotic vehicles or SUV car rental in Hawaii are limited to begin with. Therefore, if you’ve requested a specialty vehicle during peak travel times it might be best that you check other vehicle options instead. Some sites allow you to select an option to “show all” which will allow you to see all cars available and package prices.


Different Drop off and Pick Up Locations


If you’ve selected what some will call a one way SUV car rental in Hawaii than this could be a reason for unavailability.


High Travel Times


A common reason that you could end up with a no availability notice is when you book during times that are peak for traveling. It is ideal that if you intend to travel during this high volume times that you book your rental in advance to get ahead of those last minute travelers.


Lastly, another reason that you could be having a hard time booking the car that you want is if the car rental company promotes a great deal. Since an SUV car rental in Hawaii is a popular choice, often companies will offer deals which can’t be passed up. When in high demand the cars often go fast leaving you with slim pickings. Again, the only way to avoid this is to book in advance.

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