When going on vacation the best way to get around from place to place is with a car rental. While there may be other options for transportation, a rental car allows tourists the freedom to visit locations they want on the beautiful island during a time that is most convenient to them. However, in order to create the best experience possible it will be important for you to find the best Hawaii car rental company to work with. To get you started, here are some key factors you’ll want to keep in mind.


While you don’t have to go with the big name companies for finding a rental car, you should make sure to pay attention to the company’s reputation before deciding to rent from them. If a company does not have a great rapport with their customers, chances are you will find this information online. Do your homework and don’t just check out their website, but also check testimonials of past customers to see if they were pleased with the service.

Quality Communication

If you are new to renting cars there are some questions or concerns you may have that you want to relay to the Hawaii Rental Car Company. Quality communication practices should mean that the company representative reaches out to you as promptly as they can. For instance, if you send an email  inquiring about daily rates, you don’t want to have to wait a week to hear a response. A reputable company will have more than one method of communication that can include email and even online support. This allows consumers to get the responses they need in a timely fashion.


You’ve spent money on plane travel, hotel rooms, and other expenses and therefore you don’t want to have to pay steep prices to rent a car. One of the first indicators that you are renting from a high quality company is if they have attractive pricing for their vehicles. Reputable companies will not quote you one price and then charge you hundreds extra as a result of fees. They understand you want to stay within reason so you can spend some of that money on enjoying your vacation. So the price they quote you should include all taxes, fees and surcharges – the total price!

Reasonable Terms

Another factor to keep in mind when searching for the right Hawaii car rental company is reasonable terms. There are a lot of companies that will have difficult terms to live by. For instance: a charge if you cancel or change your date, fees for additional drivers, down payments and security deposits, and much more. They are trying to make sure that in some way they make money. These are the types of terms you want to steer clear of. Instead you should find a company that is flexible and understands that life happens and that in a moment’s notice you might need to amend things.

In closing, when looking for the best Hawaii car rental company you should be sure to compare a few of them before making a final decision. The objective is for you to get the best service, decent vehicles, at rates you can easily afford.

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