The internet has allowed travelers the added convenience of being able to book their Budget Hawaii car rentals online through comparison websites and/or the direct suppliers. This can most certainly free up time, open up more options, and provide a peace of mind for consumers. However, simply because you’ve already booked your rental car does not mean that you’re good to go. There are some considerations that need to be thought of, particularly for those who order optional extras.


What Are Optional Extras?


For those who are unaware an optional extra for budget Hawaii car rentals basically means things that you might need to request outside of the rental of the car. Optional extras might include things such as:

  • A navigational system
  • A car seat (infant or booster seat)

Each of these optional extras will of course add fees onto the total cost of the rental but in most cases provide a convenience for those who really don’t want to lug those things along on their flight.


Read the Fine Print


Often when a customer requests additional features or extras online there will be a clause on the printout that states these things are “subject to availability”. What this means is that there is a chance that you will arrive to pick up your extras only to find out that they are no longer available. This could prove to be an inconvenience for some. That is why reading the fine print and taking necessary precautions is very important.


Reasons for Unavailability

When renting budget Hawaii car rentals there are plenty of reasons why the optional extras you’ve requested are not available upon your arrival. Those reasons could include:

High demand – this means that customers that have either booked their rental before you or who have requested these features before your arrival were plentiful and therefore they do not have enough left to provide to you once you arrive.

Damaged – this could mean that a customer previously returned a car seat or navigational system in bad shape. When the property is damaged this means that new customers are unable to use it until it is repaired or replaced.


What You Can Do About it


While some things are just out of your control there are some things that you can do to be proactive about the potential unavailability of the items you’ve requested. Those things can include:

  • Calling in advance: If you’ve booked your rental in advance it is always best to call the company for budget Hawaii car rentals a day or two before you are scheduled to travel. You can ask them if they will have the things you’ve requested in stock upon your arrival.

Lastly, if you were looking to rent a navigational system for the budget Hawaii car rentals you’ve rented you could always bring some back up such as a physical map or a printout from Google Maps to and from some of your destinations. While it is not as convenient as having the technology at least you won’t end up lost.

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