Car Rentals Budget is a trusted rental car company that has been providing Hawaiian tourists with the ability to conveniently navigate the islands for many years. Renting a vehicle is a great option that many people don’t think about when traveling to Hawaii, but it can really simplify things for you. For example – when traveling with a group and heading to the beach, which would you rather do: load up the SUV with all of your supplies or have to worry about lugging everything onto a crowded bus?

Car rentals are simple and with Budget, they’re very affordable as well. If you’re considering a rental vehicle through Budget for your upcoming Hawaiian vacation, here are a few of the amazing models you’ll have to choose from:

  • Compact Cars: Compact cars are fantastic for small families or vacationing couples who need a simple form of transportation. These vehicles are easy to drive and come standard with great features like cruise control, a CD player, and air conditioning to keep you cool in the hot Hawaiian heat. They can also get up to an impressive 36 miles to the gallon, which will save you money on fuel during your trip, as well.

  • Jeeps: Are you planning on getting off the road and seeing what Hawaii truly has to offer? No worries, Budget offers rental jeeps which are available in both 2-door and 4-door models. Enjoy 4-5 passenger seating with the ability to handle any type of terrain.

  • Minivans & SUVs: For larger families or groups, a minivan or SUV is the perfect way to ensure that everyone travels comfortably. Another major advantage to choosing a larger vehicle like this is that they typically offer plenty of extra storage for luggage and other vacation essentials. With plenty of models to choose from, Budget is sure to have something for every taste.

  • Luxury: Finally, if you’re really looking to see the Island in style, consider one of Budget’s luxury vehicles. The Lincoln Town Car, for example, is a very popular choice and offers luxurious leather interior, climate control, keyless entry and much, much more. Vacationing is about treating yourself to something special – so making a little upgrade like this could result in a truly unforgettable vacation for you and your family!

Many rental vehicle services also offer customers the ability to book right here on the web. If you’re looking to get started today, browse the selection available during your travel dates and ensure that your ideal rental vehicle is reserved ahead of time!

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