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Car Rentals Everyone deserves to take a vacation. If you’ve chosen the beautiful destination of Hawaii for yours, you’re sure to have an absolutely fantastic time taking in all that the islands have to offer. Hawaii has plenty to do, and it’s a great vacation spot for families, couples, and even groups to escape the everyday, and have a little bit of fun. After all, it IS paradise!

When many folks think of Hawaii, they imagine one thing: beaches. While there are plenty of amazing beaches to take advantage of, Hawaii is also full of great dining, entertainment, and sightseeing activities that you’ll definitely want to consider. In order to get yourself from location to location quickly and easily, a rental car will definitely come in handy. You won’t have to worry about catching a bus in the hot Hawaiian sun and most importantly, you’ll be able to fit in more activities when you have transportation that works on your watch.

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Picture this: you’re planning the perfect Hawaiian vacation when all of a sudden, you realize a rental car is unavailable during your stay. This can happen for a number of different reasons, but one of the common causes is a blackout. Blackout dates happen in a few industries, and unfortunately vehicle rentals is one of them.

While they can be frustrating, learning more about blackout dates can help you avoid these inconvenient mishaps and keep your vacation plans running smoothly. We’ve chosen to highlight a few facts for you, and this should give you a little bit better of an understanding as to how, why and when these blacked out periods may occur.

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Discover Hawaiian Adventure on the Big Island!

Thursday, March 7, 2013@ 2:44 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

Car Rentals While some folks view a Hawaiian vacation as a chance to relax and unwind, others are ready to jump into their trip head first. It’s no secret that Hawaii has a lot to offer to visitors, and you may not know HALF of the amazing activities you can partake in while there. The “Big Island” is a popular tourist location due to its beautiful flora and fauna and its variety of outdoor activities. If you and your family are visiting the Big Island soon – consider a few of these popular suggestions to add to your itinerary:

  • Helicopter tours are absolutely AMAZING ways to view the island from a whole new level – literally! You’ll see the breathtaking Pacific Ocean and all of the beautiful greenery flowing atop this majestic tropical island. There are so many things to see on the Big Island, so why not check them out from a bird’s eye view? It’s an experience that you and your family won’t forget anytime soon!

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