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2011 Hawaii Car Rental Rates

Monday, August 30, 2010@ 9:45 AM
Author: Steve Parquet

August 30, 2010 – UPDATE

Aloha Hawaii Vacationers – A couple of the car rental companies I represent provided me with their 2011 Hawaii Daily Weekly Car Rental Rates and their 2011 Hawaii Monthly Car Rental Rates. See links to 2011 on the two sites I just referenced. Two other companies indicated they’ll have the 2011 rates to me later this week. When they come in I’ll post them asap. I’ll start asking Enterprise to see when they’ll have their 2011 rental car rates for 2011 to me. I’ll be posting them all on my 2011 rates pages as soon as I get them.

Though some car model rates haven’t increased from the 2010 rates, other car rates have increased 50% to 75% over 2010 Rates. But don’t be alarmed by the higher 2011 Hawaii Car Rental rates. They’ll come down once some competition sets in. My advice to you is to hold off until the other companies give me their rates, which will undoubtedly be lower. Then, you might want to even wait a bit longer because once all the rates are in, they always tweak them for a while leading up to the end of of the year.