2010 Hawaii Car Rentals for $81 per week

Sunday, March 7, 2010@ 6:36 AM
Author: Steve Parquet
DISCOUNT CAR RENTALS INT'LPerhaps you’ve seen my Hawaii Car Rentals website advertise rental cars for as low as $81.00/week (plus taxes, fees, add-ons, insurance, etc.). And hey, for you island hopping cruise ship passengers who need a car for just one day – I’ve seen some car rentals by the day for as low as $13.66/day.

You may or may not find a great rate with the method I’ve provided, but if you have an extra couple minutes, it’s sure worth a try to possibly save a whole lot of money isn’t it?

INSTRUCTIONS: Go to the bottom of this post under “HERE’S HOW TO GET CHEAP RATES.” If you don’t find a better rate there, then return to http://www.hawaiicarrentals.net/ and reserve a car there because those rate may be cheaper for your particular travel dates.

NOTE: This is not a gimmick to lure you in. I simply want you to rent a car from one of my two car rental websites. This is how I make my living, so I’d rather point you in the direction to find the cheapest rate at one of MY websites rather than have you go somewhere else.

NOTE: I’m an authorized vendor of car rentals for Enterprise and other major national brand car eental companies in Hawaii, Canada, the USA mainland, and in fact, the entire planet where the car rental companies are located. Neither of my websites require you to pay in advance or even give your credit card number. You are not obligated and you can cancel at any time (or not even show up to pick up the car – but we’d rather you did or at least cancel your reservation).

NOTE: If you don’t find a rate you like at my international website (see link below), be sure to return to http://www.hawaiicarrentals.net/ and reserve a Hawaii car there instead.

Best 2010 DAILY Deals People Have Gotten:
Economy Car:
HNL – $13.66/day (Instead of $28 at http://www.hawaiicarrentals.net/)
KOA – $26.73/day (Instead of $28)
OGG – $22.71/day (Instead of $28)
Compact Car:
HNL – $22.68/day (Instead of $30)

Best 2010 WEEKLY Deals People Have Gotten:
Economy Car:
HNL – $81.00/wk (Instead of $144)
OGG – $88.87/wk (Instead of $144)
LIH- $105.00/wk (Instead of $144)
Compact Car:
HNL – $85.52/wk (Instead of $144)
LIH – $107.00/wk (Instead of $144)
LIH – $118.99/wk (Instead of $144)
Intermediate Car:
LIH – $145.00/wk (Instead of $168)
Standard Suv:
HNL – $236.95/wk (Instead of $293)

Best 2010 MONTHLY Deals People Have Gotten:
Economy Car:

HNL – $544.49/mo (Instead of $576)
KOA- $544.49/mo (Instead of $576)

(Above Rates are all “Base Rates.” They do not include taxes, fees, add-ons, insurance, etc.)

Go to my Discount Car Rentals Online website, click the Enterprise car rental logo, which will take you to an actual Enterprise reservations page (clicking on that link will pre-populate the form with a special hidden code that only Enterprise sees (it’s in the weblink) and also with visible text, “DISCOUNT CAR RENTALS INT’L,” which you’ll see over on the right) – fill in the form and check some sample rates. Hopefully you’ll find some really really great deals for the travel dates you’ve specified. If you don’t find a better rate there for your particular travel dates, then return to www.HawaiiCarRentals.net and reserve a car there because those rate may be cheaper for your particular travel dates.

SHARE YOUR SUCCESS STORY: On my end, I see people getting better than usual rates every day. So please stop back here and share your success stories. Post just the “base rate” and the type of car you rented and even how much you saved. Please don’t include the taxes, fees, child safety seats, insurance , GPS navigation or any other options you may have ordered, just the base weekly or daily rates.

NOTE: Please note that with this special link, rates change all the time based on supply and demand. You may find a great rate, you may not. So keep checking various dates and islands and you’re bound to find great Hawaii rental car rates. Also keep in mind that the closer in you check the rates (last minute), the better the rates might be. I found some of the cheapest daily and weekly rates good for an entire month window.

NOTE: If you don’t find a rate you like at the above website, be sure to return to http://www.hawaiicarrentals.net/ and reserve there instead. There rates there are awesome!

10 Responses to “2010 Hawaii Car Rentals for $81 per week”

  1. Erehwon says:

    I tried this technique you mentioned, Steve. In the case of Enterprise, it doesn't pre-populate with a special code. The rate is also twice that quoted elsewhere

  2. Steve Parquet says:

    Hello Erehwon, Thanks for the heads up. I misstated. I should have said "a special hidden code that only Enterprise sees" (It's in the weblink). The sentence has now been corrected above. So Thanks again for pointing that out to me. I also stated above, "You may or may not find a great rate with the method I've provided, but if you have an extra couple minutes, it's sure worth a try to possibly save a whole lot of money isn't it?" I'm sorry you didn't find a deep discount car rental rate for your particular dates. Many people are finding great car rental rates for their travel dates. I've pasted some of those rates above under "Best 2010 DAILY and WEEKLY Deals People Have Gotten." Better luck next time. Thanks for stopping in. I hope you come back. ….Steve

  3. Brian says:

    You have hijacked my flickr feed on the left side of your page. You'll note that all of my photos are expressly copyrighted, and you have not even attempted to contact me for permission to showcase them here. Remove my photo feed from your blog immediately or I will be forced to report you to blogspot administrators.

  4. Steve Parquet says:

    Hello Brian,

    First, let me offer my deepest apologies regarding the usage of your Flickr feed. I removed it immediately as soon as I got your message. Getting your message was an embarrassment for me especially since I used to be a professional photographer on Kauai. Since I don’t understand Flickr feeds, their usage, or even how to put one on a blog, I personally had no idea having that feed there was a violation of someone’s copyright. The blog was created by my website design people. They have been alerted to this error, mistake, infraction, oversight. Whatever it was, it should not have happened. Please accept my apology. …Steve

  5. Brian says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for the reply, and thank you for taking the pictures down. Yes, all material online is potentially copyrighted, and has certain legal rights. Photos are original creative content in the same sense as writing, music, or any other works.

    You might want to talk with your web design people about what they're putting on your site as well. None of my photos are even from Hawaii, as I've never been there. The photos that you were showing were all from Saipan.

  6. J says:

    Hi Steve,

    Am trying to rent a car and noticed "Additional surcharges, locality fees, etc may apply." How can I find out a) if there are any additional fees and b) if they are, what the amount is before I make a decision to reserve a car? Thanks! Jan

  7. Steve Parquet says:

    Hi J,

    Just in case, many of the car rental companies cover themselves by stating things like, "Additional surcharges, local taxes, etc. may apply." My understanding is if there is any additional charge at all, it is minor. But I do understand why you would like to know what the exact amount might be (if any). The only way to find out is to directly contact the Hawaii car rental location you're planning on renting from. Here's a list of Hawaii car rental locations for Avis, Budget, Dollar, Thrifty and Enterprise: http://www.hawaiicarrentals.net/locations.html.

  8. Steve Parquet says:

    Thanks for responding back, Brian. I have fully notified my web design team about the situation. I was surprised and disappointed they used the Flickr feed gadget that incorporated your photos. It won’t happen again. Of course in the end, it is I who has to take full responsibility for whatever is on my websites or blogs. Very little gets by me as far as what is going onto my websites, but unfortunately the Flickr one did. I’m 100% sure none of my websites have any copyrighted material on them. I watch them like a hawk. All text created for me for web pages is scanned through CopyScape. Since I was a photographer on Kauai, I am acutely aware of the DMCA. Seems like I’m always notifying people of the illegal usage of my photos. Again, my apologies and thanks again for the heads up.

  9. Ngukurr2 says:

    Saipan is a lovely place, too, can we get cheap car rentals there – NT Couple from Ngukurr Australia

  10. Steve Parquet says:

    That's great Ngukurr2. Yes, you can rent cars all over the world from my website, http://www.DiscountCarRentalsOnline.com.

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