Car Rental Agreements and Contracts

What you need to know about the terms and conditions.

What You Need to Know about Agreements, Contracts, Terms and Conditions:

It’s important to look over your car rental agreement terms and conditions before signing and driving your rental off the lot. While most people will not have time to read through the whole agreement, especailly all that fine print while they’re in line, you should at least try to skim through most of it.

What to Look Over Before Driving:

Before you drive your car anywhere you should first look over the terms and Conditions associated with the rental. There are usually lists and requirements that go along with your car rental. Some of them can include requirements such as not operating the car in an illegal or negligent manner, driving it off road or taking it on a road that is restricted.

Other stipulations can include not having more than the designated number of passengers in the vehicle. Companies do not want their rental car towed and do not want it used for racing purposes or to be used for taking a driver's license test.

What Are the Basics Covered in the Agreement:

Some of the basics items covered in the agreement should include the amount of fuel in the automobile when it left the rental company’s property, the mileage of the vehicle, the unit number or the serial number of the vehicle, the contract number, the initial location, the designated drop off location, the specified return date and time and of course the approximate cost. If it's important and applicable to you, it's a good idea to confirm the additional driver or young driver surcharges.

Check the Inspection Report:

Always look over the inspection report before leaving the company lot and upon returning the vehicle. This report should record any scratches or areas of damage and dents that were on the vehicle before your possession of the automobile. If you see anything on the vehicle that is not on the list you should inform the front desk before leaving the agency parking lot.

You should also see if there are any charges for cleaning if the vehicle is not spotless when it is returned. Many people will take pictures of the inside and outside of the vehicle just for safe measure. It’s a great way to avoid any additional fees and charges.

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