Is it Better to Reserve a Car Rental in Advance or at the Last Minute for Best Rates?

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of when you decide to make a reservation.

In Advance or Last Minute Pros and Cons?

Depending on which travel agent or website you use, last minute bookings can be expensive. There are several reasons that people reserve a car rental at the last minute such as changes in arrival date, changes in itinerary plans, or on impulse, you just want to get away right now so you cannot reserve in advance.

Even though your vacation needs have changed and you’re in a bind for booking a hotel, airplane tickets and a vehicle for hire, you don’t have to settle for the high prices that come from waiting to make a reservation. With a little research and patience you can have your eleventh hour travel needs taken care of through a reliable vehicle hiring website.

It’s important to know that here at Hawaii Car Rentals, which is a wholesale corporate discount website, last minute bookings are the same price as early reservation bookings. This information is beneficial for savvy consumers.

The only difference between reserving in advance versus last minute is the number of vehicles available from which you may choose. There may be shortages in the type of car you can rent with a last minute booking. So we always recommend reserving your rental well in advance so you are assured to have the best choice of vehicles available.

Other regular rental car company websites will charge extra for last minute bookings, especially the retail websites. In some cases the price can be as high as 300 percent or more over an earlier booking. This is much more expensive for those last minute shoppers.

The reason behind the huge markup is supply and demand. The reduced inventory makes rental cars higher in demand, which is the regular rental vehicle company’s justification for the higher pricing.

If you have to make a last minute car rental booking it is worth going through wholesale corporate discount website. While you may not get the rental automobile of your choice, you’ll get an incredible deal and the money you end up saving can go towards enjoying your vacation.

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